Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide – Find Start Up Money Without Borrowing!

This Home Based Business Start Up Funding Guide is a free resource, developed to help you find the start up money you need to finance your home based business. The funding sources reviewed here are not intended to act as a comprehensive listing, but rather a quick start reference guide, to get you on the road to start up funding success. For a more comprehensive listing, please seek the guidance of a Certified Start Up Business Consultant, specializing in alternative financing strategies and cost reduction methods.  Start Up Contests  Start up contests may be worth your time. You can potentially win start up cash to fund your business, recognition and free publicity, or valuable business services. Here are a few dot com contest sites:
StartUpNation – “Leading Moms in Business Contest”
Business – “What Works for Business Contest”
Ideablob – “Business Idea Contest”
Start Up Grants  Although it may be somewhat challenging to qualify for a government grant to start your business, consider private sector start up grants. This will require diligent research, but there are some private sector grant opportunities available to new businesses. Some don’t even require a completed business plan – just a great idea. Check out the $1,000 Entrepreneurial Spirit Grant opportunity offered by Idea Cafe (BusinessOwnersIdeaCafe.com), to assist you in your quest for home based business start up funding.  Form a Strategic Alliance  Formulating a mutually beneficial strategic alliance, with a non-competing business in your industry or field of expertise, can save you thousands of dollars. If you have specialized skills or expertise in your field, join forces with a company which compliments your business.  For example, if you plan to start a bookkeeping service from your home, you may want to connect up with a certified public accountant. Or, if you are a Certified Start Up Business Consultant like myself, you may have strategic alliances with an attorney and accountant. These relationships benefit you greatly by reducing a large chunk of your operating costs, thereby lowering your home based business start up funding requirements.   Bootstrap Financing Methods  All of the ideas we’ve discussed are free sources of funding, to assist you in your bootstrap financing plan. Are you desperately searching for start up money to finally realize your dream of successful business ownership?  Are bank loans just not an option for you?  There are hundreds of absolutely free resources that you can take advantage of, to help your home based business obtain the all important start up funding it needs to succeed.  I talk with people everyday who just didn’t think that they had enough money to start a business.   You can find the money you need to start your business TODAY – even if you have poor credit or don’t own a home. Start by claiming your free copy of “The Bootstrapper’s Start Up Business Planner”, by visiting my website.  ©2009 Kimberly Kelly – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.  Permission to reprint this article is granted strictly on the condition that it be reprinted in its entirety, with all live links and author bio intact.

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